Security is always the ultimate aim, no matter what business one is involved in. Owners would want to keep the workplace under surveillance, whether small or big. However, when we talk about the industries or businesses involved in using flammable gases, particles and the chances of explosions are more, the need for security increases even more.

Explosion-proof cameras solve the security problems of such businesses. These devices work as the third eye of the individuals and make them stay updated with every activity that goes on at their workplace. 

This guide here explains which are the places of work where explosion-proof cameras can be installed and used. Check out the information below!

Multiple industries can rely on explosion-proof cameras

There are so many industries and workplaces where the use of Explosion Proof high Speed Dome Camera Scorpion or other types is needed. 

Installing these devices makes monitoring and surveillance a hassle-free task. The below-mentioned information explains the industries where people can use such cameras-

Oil and gas industry

One of the workplaces where the use of most flammable gas takes place is the oil and gas industry. So, those who are involved in such factories can always choose an Explosion Proof Camera for Oil and Gas for 24 hour surveillance.

Chemical and Pharma Industry

Another one is the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, the installation of these cameras allows individuals to check, re-check and monitor every activity. Moreover, the need for on-site monitoring also decreases. So, even if there is no human doing the monitoring, the cameras will do it for you at all times.

Biogas plants

The factories with biogas plants should not miss using explosion-proof cameras as it will ensure that even if an explosion takes place, the camera won't gets destroyed.

Whenever one decides to get a camera for their business, they must check out the Explosion Proof Camera Packages available in the market and then finalize the best one. Choose the one which fulfills your surveillance needs.


Refineries tend to have explosions quite often. So, even if any explosion takes place, your cameras will stay safe and capture every detail that takes place at your workplace.

What are the features of explosion proof cameras?

Before buying any product for your business, it is a must to be aware of its features. The information below explains these features in detail-

Deal with explosions

The ability of the explosion-proof cameras to tackle explosions makes the work environment much safer and secure. Furthermore, such cameras undergo testing, making them ready to deal with such situations easily. 

Tempered glass proofing

The glass used to make these cameras has the ability to deal with explosive environments, flame, and other similar situations. The use of this type of glass ensures that this device does not get destroyed, even under harsh or extreme conditions.

One type of camera that is best suited for such industries is Explosion Proof high Speed Scorpion Camera. People can make their working environment much safer by relying on these.

Wrap up

Always have a third eye working for you throughout the day by installing an explosion-proof camera. Worry no more about missing any incident at your business or workplace. Get the cameras and create an environment that is safe and secure for all.